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Knowledge is essential for  Business Success.

            I learned the hard way that  knowledge comes before success. Making decisions without all the information is dumb and expensive.   I was young, inexperienced and impulsive in my early business days.  Many of my decisions were made emotionally rather than economically.  It cost me a pot full of money, lost time and a great deal of emotional stress.

Know your Product

        Do you really know that your product is better than you competitor. How is the warranty, does it last longer and do you have a needed variety. Do your customers like it better than your competitors.

Understand your Customers

         Whether you are selling a product or a service you must understand you customers.  What relative age, income area and also if possible the education level.  By knowing this you will have a idea of their needs and their buying habits.  Do they buy better cars, better homes or do they spend lots of money on adult toys.

Calculate your Costs

        I you don’t calculate your costs, your business will be bankrupt in less than a year. You cannot overcome bad cost decisions by getting more and more sales.  You see the more sales you get the more costs you incur.   You need more staff, utility costs are greater, product costs are higher and on it goes.  To be successful, you must balance the costs and higher revenue together.

Choose the right Promotion

         How are you going to increase your sales?  Take a look at your operation.  Do you have local customers or national customers.  If your customers are local within a 30 block radius then don’t waste your money on television or radio.  Use a local radius paper, or flyers or signage or even cross advertising with other businesses.  Now, one of the types of advertising that transcends this reasoning is the internet. Whether you have local or national customers it is a good idea to have a website that works and is found on the first page of the search engines.

Hire and Train the right Staff

        This is the big challenge. The attitude and actions of your staff can help your business grow or see your customers wander off to some other business.  It is not easy to find, hire and keep you good staff.  Also, in my opinion you can hire 10 people to only find 1 really good employee that has the right attitude.  Some employee’s don’t care, some are lazy, some  are just plain incompetent.  Now you want a loyal employee, well that often is a result of how you, yes I mean you treat them.

                             These services provide knowledge.

  Sell a Business – Buy a Business – Start a Business
Evaluate a Business – Website Search Problem


Information about Canada.

  If you are going to do business in Canada it is important to know a lot about the country, the economy, the population shift, the strength of mining vs energy and the other driving forces such as farming and fishing.

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Canadian Population estimate for January  1012 is  34,670,352

Canadian Land Area 
in square kilometers is 9,976,140

Canada’s Economic Action Plan is a government website with a great deal of information about Canadian government, economics, resources, employment, workforce and global competitiveness.  http://www.actionplan.gc.ca/eng/index.asp

Industry Canada
also provides a great deal of business tools and resources on the website  http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/ic1.nsf/eng/h_00140.html.

Canada Business Network is a  department of the Canadian Government which has a website with a great deal of information in the internet http://www.canadabusiness.ca/eng/

Canada Tourism  Welcome to Canada, travel, the official travel guide to Canada. Where are you traveling from?  http://www.canada.travel/selectCountry.html.

Starting a business is a major endeavour.

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